CE Approved Passenger Moving Walk

Germany quality 0-6degree max 150meters passenger mowing walkFeature:1. Super-consciousness aesthetic design meets the characteristics of human physiology;2. Humanized design, comfort and natural;3. Advanced control system and driving device, superior driving system, superior driving chain, excellent workmanship assures the comf

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CE Approved Passenger Moving Walk
Germany quality 0-6degree max 150meters passenger mowing walk


1. Super-consciousness aesthetic design meets the characteristics of human physiology;

2. Humanized design, comfort and natural;

3. Advanced control system and driving device, superior driving system, superior driving chain, excellent workmanship assures the comfortable operation;

4. The safety protection functions as many as 21 items fully comply with national and European standard;

5. Automantic lubrication system lubricates all kinds of driving components, which prolongs products' operation life greatly.

6. Micro-computer controlled system performs with rapid calculation speed, high reliable moving, and also with failure code fixed, easy to be maintained;

7. Drive device arranged vertically assures enough space and convinience for maintenance.

Zhejiang Rhine Mico Imp. &Exp. Co., Ltd. Is founded by Rhine Group and invested by Rhine Lift (China) Co., Ltd., a branch company of Rhine Group specializing in the foreign trade business of Rhine Group products. Rhine Mico team is a professional team with many years experience in the international business.

Zhejiang Rhine Mico Imp. &Exp. Co., Ltd. Adheres to the rigorous, pragmatic, study and innovative spirits. It adopts the serviceidea of "customers' interest supreme" and is dedicated to provide service all around the world.
Standard configuration 
ApplicationIndoor. 16-hr operation daily
Horizontal span≤150
Inclination (°)0-12
Step width (mm)600/800/1000
Speed(m/s) 0.5
Main power380V/50Hz/3P
BalustradeTempered glass(10mm)
Handrail bracketStainless steel
Balustrade height (mm) 900
Inner & outer deckingHairline St.St.
SkirtingWear resistant coating steel sheet
StepStainless steel
Landing plateStainless steel (anti-sliding)
illuminationlighting under upper & lower landing steps
IndicatorFailure code indicator on control cabinet
OperationEmergency stop button / Key switch / Inspection operation
Optional configuration
ApplicationSemi-outdoor/outdoor. 16-hr operation daily
Handrail bracketAluminum profile
HandrailGreen, red, blue, yellow
Balustrade height1000mm
illuminationSkirting lighting
Comb lighting
IndicatorIndicator on outer decking
Direction indicatorRunning direction indicator on outer decking
Step(escalator)One-piece aluminum
SkirtingHairline St.St.
Landing plateAluminum alloy (anti-sliding)
Energy controlVVVF
LubricationAutomatic lubrication / electric lubrication
External claddingHairline St.St. / Painted steel /Glass/Mirror st.st. 
Safety devices 
Static electricity protection of stepEliminate static electricity raised from running of the steps.
Static electricity protection of handrailEliminate static electricity raised from running of the handrail.
Emergency stop button on entrancePush the emergency stop button to stop the escalator (moving walk) against emergency raise.
Handrail entry safety protectionProtection against risk of other objects being jammed into handrail entry.
Over speed protectionProtection against risk of speed being over 20% of rated speed.
Under speed protectionProtection against risk of speed being less than 20% of rated speed.
Unintentional reversal protectionProtection against risk of unintentional reversal of the direction of travel.
Phase failure protectionProtection against risk of phase failure.
Short circuit protectionProtection against risk of short circuit.
Over-load protectionProtection against risk of motor continually over load.
Step sagging protectionProtection against risk of steps being breakage and sagging.
Step sagging protectionProtection against risk of step chain being breakage of undue elongation
Step chains safety protectionProtection against risk of step chains being breakage of undue elongation.
Comb safety guardProtection against risk of foreign objects being trapped at the point where the step enters the comb.
Inspection socketTo provide voltage to inspect or maintain.
Machine room guardOne safety plate separates machine room from movable parts such as step to protect service personnel.
Emergency stop button on control cabinetPush the emergency stop button to stop the escalator (moving walk) against emergency raise when inspection and maintaining.
Handrail speed-detection protectionWhen handrail speed is 15% lower than the step speed, it stops in 15 seconds.
Brake over-distance protectionWhen step brake distance is 1.2 times larger than the stipulated distance, it prevents it from start again.
Skirting guardProtection against risk of foreign objects being jammed into clearance between steps and skirting.
Floor anti-start protectionIt stops when the floor plate is removed or opened.
Main drive chains safety protectionProtection against risk of drive chains being breakage or undue elongation.
Skirting brushBrushes on skirting to enhance the passenger's safety.
Host brake detectionWhen it detects the release condition of the host brake, it prevents it from start before its release
Anti-crawl deviceIt prevents the passengers from crawling to external handrail
Anti-skid deviceIt installs outer cover plate which is closed to handrail height. It prevents the passengers from accidental crawl, skid,fall.
ArresterIt prevents the passengers from entering into the area between wall and handrail, between two escalators(moving walks)
Protection baffleProtection baffle is set in the crossing of outer handrail edge and any obstacle.
Auxiliary brakeAuxiliary brake will act and stop the escalator (moving walk) in case of main drive chains breakage or the steps or handrail changing from present direction of motion.

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