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2021-12-08 05:46:16 By : Ms. Amy Xu

A man on Drew Road told the police that a semi-truck was trying to drive along Drew Road, which had no exits and was marked with a "No Trucks" sign. He said the Centaur tried to make a U-turn in his two properties, causing $1,000 in damage to his lawn and driveway. The man wants a report of property damage. The police talked to the driver of the semi-automatic vehicle and he said that he did not see the sign and he was stuck while turning. Yates Towing pulled him out from the scene.

The police talked to the manager of Sweet Basil at 5845 Brainerd Road. He said that a homeless person had been sleeping behind the building for the past three days and she wanted him to leave. The police talked to the tramp who was asleep at the time and confirmed his identity. When he woke up, the man said that he had no problem leaving and would not come back.

Obstacle prevention was requested at a residence on East Brainerd Road. A woman presented a court order to the police stating that she could take her belongings from her residence. The police talked to a man in the residence, and he allowed the woman to take all her belongings from the address and asked her to put all his belongings in the storage room without any problems.

A woman from WoodSpring Suites, 7710 Lee Hwy. called the police and said that she had a relationship with a man. The police knocked on the door and talked with the man. The man said that they had been verbally arguing and the woman left the room afterwards. He said he just wanted her to leave his room. The police tried to get in touch with the woman but failed.

According to reports, a homeless person yelled at customers behind Walgreens on 5478 Hwy. 153. The police talked to the man and he said he was angry because his father had recently passed away and a man yelled at him, so he started yelling. After talking for a while, the man calmed down and said he was leaving home. He packed some of his belongings into the wagon and left.

According to reports, a shoplifting incident occurred at Elder's Ace Hardware located at 8164 East East of Brainerd Road. An employee told the police that before this incident, a couple had stolen from Ace Hardware about four times on different dates. The employee said that at about 4:40 pm that day, the two entered the store and parted ways. The woman returned to the garden area and waited for the man to take out two sets of artisan wrenches and socket sets from the fence. His employees were able to stop the two and retrieve the items before they were taken to the point of sale. The police observed the camera lens and witnessed the behavior described by the employee. Before the police arrived, the police also saw the two people leaving the scene in a golden Lincoln Continental.

In the park, while walking in the College Hill Courts area of ​​Cypress Street, the police spotted a golden Buick with a TN dealer label, but did not return to any vehicle. The car is related to two men who have police records at the address. The police spoke with a CHA investigator about the car, and CHA has confirmed that the car has not moved since one of the men was arrested on a felony state arrest warrant and the initial charges. Therefore, CHA determined that the vehicle has been abandoned. The police cooperated with CHA to post a 24-hour towing notice on the vehicle. If the vehicle does not move within 24 hours, it will be towed away and the two may be fined.

* * * The police observed a blue Malibu car driving south through the 2500 block of Fourth Avenue with an expired license plate (TN label). After parking at the front entrance of the East Lake Court, the police talked to the driver. The driver said that the car belonged to her mother. She thought her mother had been renewing the registration. Both the woman and her passengers provided valid identification documents and phone numbers, and confirmed their addresses. Neither of them had any arrest warrants or other issues, so they were both verbally warned for violation of registration.

The police responded to a fire in a residence on Hemingway Avenue. The siding of the house next door was damaged by a nearby fire. The police notified the owner of the car and left him with a complaint card so that he can file a loss with the insurance company.

A woman on Jarnigan Road told the police that at some point in the past few days someone entered her unlocked 2021 Honda HVR and stole her Springfield Armory 40 caliber pistol from it. The gun has entered NCIC.

A woman on Chamberlain Street told the police that a man had stolen her mobile phone. She said that the man came to her house around 8pm and asked to use the bathroom. She said she allowed him to enter the bathroom. She said that after he had gone to the toilet, she turned around, he grabbed her mobile phone from the TV stand and ran out the front door. She said she told him to return the phone to him, but he refused. She said that she called him that morning and asked for her call. He refused and stopped answering her calls. She asked the police to try to find him to retrieve the phone. The police inspected a residence on Ivy Street and the surrounding area for him, but did not find him.

The manager of Dollar General, 7345 Lee Hwy., told police that a white male would enter her store and steal two cans of beer almost every day. She said he had left when she realized that he had stolen a total of about $200 worth of beer. She believes that the man lives in a mobile home park across the street. The police tried to find the man but failed. * * *

A woman on E. 11th Street told the police that after she came out she found that the rear windshield of the vehicle was broken. After inspecting the windshield, the police found a bolt on the weather strip in the trunk of the vehicle. The bolt appeared to have fallen from the roof and hit the bottom rear of the windshield, causing the glass to shatter. An employee of the construction company Tri State Roofing arrived at the scene and was replacing the windshield of the vehicle. This is an accidental property loss and will be dealt with between the two of them.

When patrolling West 25th Street and Carl Street, the police observed a black painted car parked on the side of the road. The TN label displayed on the vehicle returns to the yellow Pontiac. The police could see some yellow paint under the black spray paint. The vehicle also has very deep tinted windows. The vehicle is unmanned. The police recorded the suspicious condition of the vehicle.

The police received a residential burglar alarm at a residence in Berkley Circle. The police inspected the perimeter of the house and found that the back door was open and there was no sign of forcible entry. An officer entered the residence and cleaned all the rooms. In addition to the back door, the police also found that the sliding glass door leading to the rear deck was not fixed. The door was not locked by hand. The police found that the other outer doors were safe. No one seemed to enter the residence or take anything away. The homeowner was not at home, but they did turn off the alarm remotely and tried to cancel the police response. The police secured the back door when leaving the residence.

According to reports, someone was sleeping on the porch of Thompkin Metropolitan AME Zion Church, 812 Palmetto St.. The police talked to the person in charge of the property and he said that he did not allow anyone to sleep on the porch of the church, nor did he want anyone to be there.

A woman told the police that she had lost her debit card near Le Nails at 5308 Brainerd Road, which was used at the Attitude Shop at the time. She said that the cost was $103, and she did not authorize the purchase. There is no suspect information available.

A woman from Arlena Circle told the police that she cleaned her house, and her daughter’s children threw it away after she cleaned the house. She said that they had an argument and then the police arrived. The two women agreed to stay apart for the night, and the police left the scene.

A woman told the police that she lost her debit card at Speedway, 1330 E. 3rd St sometime before midnight. She said that she had contacted her bank and cancelled the card.

The police spoke with the janitor of a business at 7011 Shallowford Road, who said he had many people sleeping in the elevator and around the business. The police noticed that many people had left the area, and the three were still sleeping in the area. The police woke up two men and a woman and asked them to leave. The police told the janitor that unless someone was willing to appear in court, they could not be trespassed in. The janitor said he would not go to court, but just wanted them to leave the property so that he could finish his work.

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