In the photo: this week's Italian truffle auction, solar-powered elevators and other unique attractions

2021-12-08 06:33:16 By : Mr. Andy WANG

Local resident Anna Lozhnikova (Anna Lozhnikova) rowed from Kopay village to the town of Tara in the Omsk region of Russia. The remaining approximately 40 residents of Kopay village sailed across the Irtysh River to meet their daily needs. Photos taken with drones. Reuters/Alexey Margavko

When the Christmas tree arrived at Rockefeller Center in New York, USA, people worked on the Christmas tree. Reuters/Eduardo Muñoz

A man rode his bicycle along the seawall past a barge that broke loose from the mooring and crashed onto the shore after a storm hit the British Columbia province of Vancouver in western Canada. Reuters/Jesse Winter

Olaf Niess and his team captured swans on the Alster lake in the inner city of Hamburg and brought them to their winter residence in Hamburg, Germany. Reuters/Fabian Beemer

At the Liberec Zoo in Liberec, Czech Republic, zookeepers grabbed a pelican and moved it to the winter enclosure. REUTERS/David W. Cerney

At the international truffle auction held at the Grinzane Cavour Castle in Grinzane Cavour near Alba, Italy, a set of white Alba truffles weighing 850 grams can be seen. Reuters/Masimo Pinka

After torrential rains in British Columbia, cows trapped in a flooded barn in Abbotsford were rescued by boats and sea fighters. Reuters/Jennifer Gautier

During the SICAB International PRE Horse Show in Seville, Spain, an Andalusian rider waits with his thoroughbred Spanish horse before participating in a morphology competition. Reuters/Marcelo del Pozo

A local resident, Alexander Yudin, used a self-made elevator in the Russian town of Timashevsk to climb the balcony of his apartment on the third floor. Judin lost a leg in a car accident years ago, and his second leg was lame three years ago. He built a solar-powered balcony elevator, leaving his three-story apartment building for residents with limited mobility. Reuters/Sergey Pivovarov

Wildlife officials used food as bait to lure wild boars, which were later captured and put down after a change in the animal control policy in the urban area of ​​Hong Kong, China. Reuters/Tyrone Siu

The 42-meter-long KAWS Companion" inflatable art installation created by artist Brian Donnelly, also known as KAWS, is seen behind the closed roadblock in Marina Bay, Singapore. REUTERS/Edgar Su

A tourist looks at the lighting at the lighting display at Windsor Great Park in Windsor, England. REUTERS/Andrew Kanridge

The robot provides food to customers at a restaurant recently opened in Mosul, Iraq. Reuters/Khalid al-Mousily

During the Christmas garden event at Tierpark Zoo in Berlin, Germany, visitors walked along illuminated objects. Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch