A 2-year-old kid fell from his father’s arms on the second floor of the escalator in Aurora town center and died – CBS Denver

2021-12-08 05:46:59 By : Mr. Jeremy Yuan

Aurora, Colorado (CBS4)-Aurora police are investigating what caused a child to fall from an escalator in downtown Aurora on Sunday afternoon. The child was rushed to the hospital where his injuries were life-threatening and died early on Monday morning.

Police said the boy fell from his father's arms when they were on the escalator at about 4:30 pm on Sunday. Witnesses said the boy was very young, and some people saw him lying on the ground unconscious, and then emergency personnel took him away.

Soon after, the police closed the escalator where the accident occurred, but many shoppers were unaware of the accident. Witnesses at the scene said they were worried for the little boy and his family.

"I was in one of the shoe stores and I heard a lot of screams. I heard a lady's scream. Then the owner suddenly ran outside to call. I heard him say that what happened, he can't." Don't close the store just because he has customers. Then he looked at me and told me what happened to a child falling off the escalator," Cesar Solozano said.

Another shopper said: "This is just a reminder that even if you take your child down the escalator, it will never be too safe."

The Aurora police told CBS4 that so far, in their preliminary investigations, this may have been an accident.