TK Elevator won the Elevator World "2022 Project of the Year" award for moving walks

2021-12-08 05:46:34 By : Mr. Leo Xu

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Hong Kong, December 6, 2021/PRNewswire/ - TK Elevator is pleased to win the Elevator World Project of the Year award again. Shanxi Taiyuan Botanical Garden project won the "Mobile Walk" category "2022 Best Project", the company has won this honor in the past three consecutive sessions. The award highlights TK Elevator's continued achievements in providing and installing some of the most innovative and customer-centric mobile solutions worldwide.

The Taiyuan Botanical Garden, on the site of the original coal mine, was transformed into a modern landscape park and museum by the Austrian architect firm Delugan Meissl. The main features of the park include three domed greenhouses and a large terrace with panoramic views of the entire park. The highlight of the project is the moving walk provided by TK Elevator, which passes through an opening in the roof of the entrance building.

In the botanical garden with the theme of sustainable development, a pair of Orinoco moving walks by TK Elevator were installed, with a slope of 12 degrees, a width of 1000 mm, a height of 11.85 meters, and a span of 62.4 meters. rise) The moving walk installed by the company in China also shows the excellent structure and aesthetic quality of the TK Elevator product designed in Germany.

"Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to TK Elevator. As an iconic element of the park design and the only entrance to the panoramic terrace, the customer chose the orinoco moving walk because of its good record of safety and reliability," said Peter, chief of TK Elevator Executive Officer Walker. "We are proud to demonstrate our entrepreneurial spirit and once again be convincing with our innovative mobile solutions."

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